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Gathering Hope is officially in the process of becoming a non-profit organization. In becoming a non-profit, we have four main goals:

Continue our remembrance services annually, giving women a safe place to connect and share their stories.

Make the Gathering Hope event reproducible, creating a program with the tools and resources to hold events across the nation.

Form a response team to support families when they experience loss.

Provide families and friends with a solid set of resources that are there to help them in this hard time.

There are so many great organizations doing wonderful things for these families, but when you’re suffering with grief, you don’t have the wherewithal to seek these people out. We want to be able to be a resource center, directing families to the people who can meet their needs.

One of the organizations with which we will partner is Twelve 12 Ministries. Twelve 12 Ministries is a non-profit organization created to support women who are struggling with infertility or suffering a loss through miscarriage, stillbirth or abortion.

Peyton and I recently met the director of Twelve 12 Ministries, Nicole Clark. After the birth of her daughter, Nicole felt she needed to start trying for another child. In the process of trying she suffered a miscarriage followed by infertility. She wondered why God would give her this desire to have another child when the process was so hard. Her struggles, however, led Nicole to her calling to help women in similar, lonely situations. Inspired by Romans 12:12, Nicole founded Twelve 12 Ministries in Frisco, TX..

Twelve 12 Ministries provides a safe environment for women to seek, learn, and gather online in small groups, large groups or one-on-one to stand together during this lonely time because an understanding, praying community is so important to the grieving process.

Additionally, they offer a Hope Fund which provides families with financial assistance to help pay for infertility treatments, adoption, surrogacy, and/or medical expenses due to miscarriage or loss.

We are so thankful for people like Nicole who pour their hearts into helping others heal.


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