Untitled – By Lisbeth Van Dalen


The journey to having children is much like what I imagine being lost at sea is like. One small person awash amidst the giant ocean. The often-taboo topic of conception, fertility and miscarriage creating a lonely distance from those around you. The process to conceive or carry out a healthy pregnancy seeming like a long journey with no land in sight. Floating and at mercy to the unpredictable sea. Crying out for rescue from the trials endured and those to come. One more shot. One more test. One more loss. Each day can feel like treading in an ocean, every passing month the sea rises higher and your will to fight weakens. Disappointment crashes like harsh, endless waves.

Can I keep going? Just a whisper at first Jesus calls to me. Take heart. Take heart, he says. Do not be afraid. While my mind continues to doubt, a hand stretches out. To meet me where I am. Hurt and confused, lonely and longing. But He meets me there, my Jesus. Me of little faith, He picks me up. In Twelve12 I find hope. In shared story I find His comfort. Spoken to me from fellow sisters of loss and faith. As He has commanded, we rejoice together. As He has commanded, we are patient through trial together. As He has commanded, we are steadfast in prayer together. As He has commanded, we weep together.

That’s the grace and beauty Twelve 12 provides through Him along this difficult path. The ocean is still there. But it won’t swallow us up as we band together. Let the women who share these burdens of infertility, miscarriage and loss be the hands of Jesus. Where we gather He shows up. To comfort and rescue and weep alongside us.

This is Twelve12.

All glory to our Father!

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