My name is Stephanie and I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Steven for 16 years. Shortly after getting married we decided to try and start our family. After a few unsuccessful years, we both went to see doctors. Very little was found as to why we were not conceiving. We continued to try and followed every piece of advice we we’re given. Our marriage grew stronger against all odds but after about 11 years we were defeated and gave up.

I was angry with myself, angry at God. I questioned why I could not conceive but there were children being born into abusive homes. We discussed adoption but could not decide if it was the right choice for us. I knew we could provide a loving home but wanted to carry my own child. My father in law got cancer and we were the sole caretakers. Steven lost his job after a long term injury. I was worn out, broken. My father in law wanted nothing more than to be a grandfather and I could not give him that before he passed away.

About a year after he passed away, I had a dream that he was pulling a little red wagon. In the wagon was a baby laying on a blanket. The next day I took a pregnancy test and we were pregnant. I could not accept it. 13 years of infertility, how could we be pregnant? We now have a healthy, beautiful little boy that is our world. We thank God for him every day and of course Grandpa for bringing him to us in that little red wagon. He is a blessing and a constant reminder to never lose our faith.

We might think we know what is best but God always has a better plan. He was worth the wait.

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