Purpose of Plans Disturbed

“To the angel of the church in Philadelphia write: These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.” – Revelation 3:7

Sometimes life just feels like one holding pattern after another; one detour or disturbance after another. In these moments it can be so challenging to see this dead end or closed door as a gift from God. Now don’t get me wrong, bringing the desires of our hearts before our heavenly Father is a good thing. He longs for us to “approach His throne boldly”, but as we wait on His timing, what is the shape of our heart?

My plans were beyond disturbed this past year, and although I begged God for a different outcome to my situation, what occurred instead passed through His sovereign hands and will. Sis, let me stand on this side of disturbance… knowing it will surely come again in some form or fashion… and just say “GOD IS GOOD”. As my plans were derailed, He was able to move in a mighty way as I decided that I would tell him my desires, but proclaim over my plans: “YOUR WILL” God.

When we come back to placing Him as our first love, He utilizes any disturbance as a means to draw us home. He is truly a shield: our refuge and strength. He is our portion. He is peace. He is healing. He is redeemer. I’m here to say TRUST! Trust that no matter the situation, you can get through, and you will come out with a deeper, richer sense of God- who He is and His love for you. Closed doors always have a reason; they are always divine gifts. “When a door to something good in our plan closes, it leads us to something better in God’s plan.” – Chuck Swindoll.

He also points out that God redeems your life as a result of you going through periods of great suffering or hardship or tragedy. “He may not take the tragedy away, but He changes you.” Allow this season of dead ends to be a time of change, of deeper trust, of clinging to the Word of God, practicing the act of getting down on bended knee and growing in a willingness to wait.

Wait on His perfect timing, with joyful expectancy, for the doors He WILL open for you.

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