The T12 Collective Community 

An online infertility and pregnancy loss support group where grief, fear, pain, and doubt are countered with hope, patience, and prayer.


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This faith-based community group is here to uplift, support, and walk with you during your time of healing. A safe environment for community by providing resources to meet you exactly where you are.


The T12 Collective focuses on biblical teachings to connect and encourage you by providing practical resources and opportunities to engage with women with similar stories or infertility, miscarriage, and pregnancy loss.


You will find that this is a safe and understanding environment specifically designed for everyone to seek, learn, and to gather in various formats for bible studies, group chats, prayer calls, or one-on-one needs.

"What I love most about Twelve 12 Ministries is they step into grief of losing a child. It gives people a way to walk alongside those who have lost babies. Thank you for the work that you do! Praising God for your ministry!"

- Katarina 

"I absolutly LOVE the community and the love shared here!!"  

- Heather 

"Twelve 12 Ministries is awe-inspiring. I appreciated the time of beautiful worship and just the transparency of those around me. It felt like a non-judgmental atmosphere. I was very thankful to have been able to attend."

- Shantaya

Real People

Friends, family, and the church community may not understand your desires to become a mom, but we do. Engage with women who have similar stories locally and nationally. 

God's Word

This faith-based community focuses on biblical teachings to connect and encourage you in your current season. Ready to meet you exactly where you are with scripture and prayer.

Always Open

An online platform designed for you to seek, learn, and gather in various formats for bible studies, group chats, prayer calls, webinars, or one-on-one needs.



Want to take community during your season of infertility one step further?

Join us inside the T12 Collective Community. Gain access to an entire network of women around the world and in your community who are learning to find hope in the hard things, just like you!


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