“After my loss last spring, I felt really alone and didn’t know who to talk to. My husband was still living on the opposite coast, my loss wasn’t mentioned again and I returned to work and the rest of my life as though it never happened. My only relief was constant search for scripture to find healing and strength and understanding. I looked for comfort for the grief no one seemed to understand.That’s how I found @twelve12ministries. They immediately stood out, their purpose and mission.They are such a wonderful organization that has lifted me up in prayer, and just regular contact to check in on me. Not just because of my loss, but through this pregnancy as well. I just received this beautiful gift, and am feeling so touched. Because even when I feel alone, I know that I’m not.
Thank you so much @twelve12ministries” – Erika G


“This organization is amazing! It means so much to me and has always been there praying for me and supporting me. ♥️ I appreciate everything they do and want to be able to help others be blessed with this as well!” – Tiffany E


“This infertility is a daily struggle for me. More so as I have gotten older. This group, with their little notes that are sent through snail 🐌 mail at just the right time, is so uplifting! Knowing that you are not alone in this walk can make a world of difference! A lot of people don’t know how to react or even talk to someone that is facing this. Well from personal experience sometimes we don’t need words. We just need a shoulder, a friendly smile or just a simple hug to let us know that we are thought of. Sometimes silence is all that we need! A scripture verse comes to mind here Psalms 46:10. Be still and know that I am God! Thank you Twelve 12 ministries for sharing God’s love with broken women and men in this season of our lives!” – Liz