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Purpose Beyond Motherhood 



Finding freedom from the world through active faith, healing, and God-dreams fulfilled.

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You were made for MORE and created for such a time as THIS. Whether you are a mother or not, who you are and whose you are is completely wrapped up in God and not the positions or possessions of this world.

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Hear about purpose in... 


  • Trusting God

  • Seeking The Lord

  • Guarding Your Heart 

  • Grow In Christ


  • Forgiveness
  • Perseverance 
  • Comparision 
  • Relationships


  • Gratitude
  • Rest
  • Love
  • Boldness 

šŸŽ§ 32 min listen

Episode 70: Conquering Anxiety With Morgan Eseke

šŸŽ§ 33 min listen

Episode 69: Acting In Faith With Natasha Flanders

šŸŽ§ 45 min listen

Episode 68: Having Hope With Leah Vis

šŸŽ§ 50 min listen

Episode 67: She Experienced With Sherelle Gilbert

šŸŽ§ 19 min listen

Episode 43: Humility and Self-Confidence With Alaina Mayes

šŸŽ§ 39 min listen

Episode 65: Using Your Gifts With Hadassah Mcgrew

šŸŽ§ 38 min listen

Episode 64: Trusting God With Lindsey Jensen

šŸŽ§ 23 min listen

Episode 63: Keeping The Faith With Holly Piorkowski

šŸŽ§ 21 min listen

Episode 62: Called To Ministry With Anitha Abraham
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Nicole Clark

Host and purposeful mama

Nicole is an ex-back up dancer who enjoyed world tours with artists like Justin Timberlake, until God started to pivot Nicole to use her hard stories, creativity, and compassion in the church and ministry space.

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Holly Piorkowski

Co-Host and infertility advocate

Holly has a passion for helping women navigate infertility and the world of motherhood. 

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My favorite thing about this podcast is the diversity and authenticity of it’s guest. Nicole’s interview style and encouraging personality allows them to share freely. It’s easy to connect to each women even if I haven’t had a similar experience. Each episode I am reminded to be true to myself and the journey God has set before me.

Taneesha Simmons

Ministry Leader


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