Welcome to the Twelve 12 Ministries Partner Program, where we are dedicated to empowering churches supporting women navigating the challenging journey of infertility, pregnancy loss, miscarriage, and childlessness.

Your monthly donation plays a crucial role in sponsoring churches with curriculum resources, butterfly boxes, declaration cards, and copies of our specialized Bible study. By partnering with us on a monthly basis, you contribute to the vital mission of empowering churches to provide the essential support and healing these women need to find hope in Jesus.

In addition to supporting churches, Twelve 12 Ministries is committed to creating opportunities for women who want to mother while waiting to become a mother. Through our initiatives, we provide avenues for these women to discover their purpose beyond motherhood and to find fulfillment in serving their communities. By supporting our partner program, you are not only impacting the lives of women directly affected by infertility and loss but also helping to empower them to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Thank you for joining us in this transformative journey of compassion, support, and empowerment. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of women and their families.


At Twelve 12 Ministries, we believe in aligning our giving levels with tangible actions that directly support women on their journey. With each level of support, we see our strategy come to life in meaningful ways.

From community awareness at the $12 level to the empowerment of leadership at the $1,000 level, every contribution makes a difference in the lives of women facing infertility, pregnancy loss, miscarriage, and childlessness.

Whether it's through receiving a Butterfly Box, listening to our podcast, joining support groups, or ultimately leading their own, each step represents a vital milestone in providing support, healing, and empowerment for women today.

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Discover the passion and purpose driving Twelve 12 Ministries by watching the video above.

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To give via check make payable to Twelve 12 Ministries and enclose contact information. Mailing address: 2001 West Plano Parkway, Suite 1900 Plano, TX 75075

R12 Ministries, Inc - DBA Twelve 12 Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit, EIN: 82-2349588


We are ECFA Certified. Visit this link to review our impact and analytics.