Patient in Affliction

T12 Collective Community 

Connecting you with women who understand what you are going through

Friends, family, and the church community may not understand your desires to become a mom, but we do. This faith-based membership community allows you to engage with women who have similar stories locally and nationally.


Ready to meet you exactly where you are, this online platform is designed for you to seek, learn, and gather in various formats for bible studies, group chats, prayer calls, webinars, or one-on-one needs.


JacqueRae Sullivan 

"Twelve 12 Ministries has been a blessing to me in this season for so many reasons. It has allowed me to connect with women who understand what I am going through. This ministry is not just a because of what you are going through it's a BECAUSE OF WHO GOD IS MINISTRY. This ministry help me change my thought process. In my first round of IVF my main focus was my infertility and what I need to do to get what we ultimately wanted. This second round feels so different. This second round I am focused on who God is and what is God trying to do to and through me in this season. And I credit that to Twelve 12." 

Want to take community during your season of infertility and pregnancy loss one step further?

Join us inside the T12 Collective Community. Gain access to an entire network of women around the world and in your community who are learning to find hope in the hard things, just like you!


  • Community With Like-Minded Women Walking Through Similar Experiences
  • Resource Library
  • Christian Counseling 
  • A Butterfly Box
  • Tickets To Our Refined Events
  • Monthly Virtual Meetups
  • 30% Exclusive Discount In The Twelve 12 Store 

Christian Counseling 

Once you join the community, sign up for a complimentary session to work with one of our licensed professional counselors. You'll receive a discounted rate on a package sessions too. 


After signing up, you will have immediate access to practical tools and resources to help you on your infertility or pregnancy loss journey.


A safe first step to community through prayer, butterfly boxes, events, and groups. 


Debbie Garner

“I found Twelve 12 after having my fourth miscarriage. My heart was broken and I was desperately searching for a place to connect with other women going through similar things. I love the Twelve 12 community. No one should walk through hard things alone. We are here to walk together through the different seasons that come with loss and/or infertility.” 

Ready To Get Started? 

Katarina Luce

"What I love most about Twelve 12 Ministries is they step into grief of losing a child. It gives people a way to walk alongside those who have lost babies. Thank you for the work that you do! Praising God for your ministry!"

Shantaya Andrews 

"Twelve 12 Ministries is awe-inspiring. I appreciate the time of community and just the transparency of those around me. It feels like a non-judgmental atmosphere."