78. What Are You Making A Priority w/ Mary Kathryn Tiller

"I don’t have to strive to push my boundaries. I can just be content to fill the boundaries that He has given me."

In this episode, Nicole talks to Mary Kathryn. They discuss family, priorities, and building a business that glorifies God. Mary Kathryn tells us how she prioritizes her family and business. She also shares how she learned to be content and stop striving in her business. This will encourage you, especially if you're trying to grow something for the Lord.


Mary Kathryn Tiller lives in East Texas with her husband, two kids, and thirty head of cattle. She is a writer, speaker, and co-founder of New Mercies For Moms. Her passion is helping entrepreneurial mamas connect more deeply with Christ so they can thrive in all He's called them to do. You can connect with her on Instagram @MaryKathrynTiller.

Instagram: @MaryKathrynTiller

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