83. Where Do You Find Your Comfort w/ Bettye Nicole


Bettye Nicole is a Bible teacher, Speaker, Prayer Warrior, and Author. She hosts the Podcast "Oath of Nicole" and the conference "What's Behind Your Selfie" yearly. Bettye believes we all will encounter challenges in this life, but we must remain hopeful and trust that God always has a plan in a plan.

In this episode we discuss: 

  • Grief and the loss of her daughter.
  • How we can look to God during immense pain.
  • Looking to God and having hope through the hard things. 

Our Favorite Quote: "Sometimes the Lord will take you down a path you never dreamed of taking. This path will involve indescribable heartache. But as you grieve, he steps in to comfort you. Then the comfort that he comforts you with will be the very help that someone else needs as they navigate a path similar to yours."

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