85. In A World Of Instant Everything, How Can You Live Well In The Waiting w/ Melissa Vande Kieft


Melissa Vande Kieft is an event planner and enjoys all things related to details, logistics, and organizing. Outside her official work title, she is a blogger, speaker, infertility advocate, and first-time mom after navigating infertility for over 3+ years. Melissa is known for her big heart and love for encouraging others. She's a huge fan of generosity, grace, planners, and asking questions! Melissa loves living life with her guy, Ry, and their almost one-year-old daughter, Crosbee.

In this episode we discuss: 

  • The pain of infertility.
  • How to use delays in life differently.
  • Seven truths that you can use as a guide during your times of waiting.

Our Favorite Quote: "He [God], continued to work on my understanding of what it means to wait and how to use that time differently and how to see that time differently."

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