87. Forgiveness Can Be a Challenge


Listen, friends, forgiveness is hard!

In a world full of differing opinions and ever-changing cultures, it’s nearly impossible to walk through this life unscathed. At some point, whether intentionally or not, we will hurt others and others will hurt us. 

But where do we go once the hurt takes place? Do we press on as if nothing has happened, or do we choose forgiveness?

Today on the show we are diving into the importance of choosing forgiveness. This applies to forgiving others and also choosing to forgive ourselves when we fall short.

Forgiveness isn’t easy friends, but most things worthwhile aren’t. Listen in to hear where we struggle in this area, what we are doing to work on it, and how Christ can help us every step of the way. 

We pray this episode encourages you to choose and seek forgiveness. 

Go to to watch the live conversation and download a special resource on forgiveness. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Real-life examples of how Holly and Nicole struggle to forgive.
  • Why when we forgive we need to let go and move forward.
  • The importance of not holding grudges.
  • Practical ways to begin forgiving.


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