77. How Do You Find Hope When You’re In The Middle Of “Why Not, God?” w/ Anna Kettle






“I do believe that God has a purpose for our lives beyond the mess, beyond the pain, beyond the brokenness of what we live in.”

On today’s show, Nicole talks with podcaster, author, and speaker, Anna Kettle. Anna has gone through the difficult journey of several miscarriages and shares how that tested her faith. By finding, and sharing her hope in the Lord, Anna supports other women who are going through that same grief. She is an inspiration to those who hear her story and encouragement to anyone walking through a period of pain and sorrow.


Anna Kettle is a published author, podcaster, speaker, and award-winning marketing professional. Her first book, ‘Sand Between Your Toes: Inspirations for a Slower, Simpler, More Soulful Life’ is out now under Tyndale House. She is also the co-founder of SPACE, a miscarriage and infertility support network that provides space for women to connect, grieve and heal together. Having experienced multiple miscarriages herself, Anna can now be found regularly writing and speaking about miscarriage, infertility, grieving, and holding onto hope when things are hard. Anna is married to husband Andy, and mum to their son Ben (aged 6). They live in the beautiful waterfront city of Liverpool, England.

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