Ep 101 Bringing Hope to Loss Moms with Rachel Lohman

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Discovering hope and purpose after pregnancy loss looks different for everyone. 


For today’s guest, it looked like creating polymer clay earrings. 6 years ago, Rachel Lohman suffered a pregnancy loss. Like many of us, this obviously wasn’t what she had anticipated the beginning of her motherhood journey to look like.


On the road to healing, Rachel started making polymer clay earrings. She was just looking for a creative outlet, but when she shared photos of her new hobby, friends quickly took interest. Her outlet transitioned into a business, and she now uses her platform to highlight other loss moms’ stories.


Rachel & her husband have since had a daughter, and her first book Miscarried Hope - Journeying with Jesus Through Pregnancy & Infant Loss, releases on August 29, 2023. She hopes that her book will help other loss moms and be the resource she was looking for and craving after her miscarriage. 


We're excited to share Rachel’s story with you as you learn more about her beautiful ministry.

Ep 101 Bringing Hope to Loss Moms with Rachel Lohman

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