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Ep 98 Discovering Your Identity in Christ with Dr. Irini Fambro



Building an Untouchable Identity

In our pursuit of fulfilling our destiny and using our spiritual gifts, it's easy to place our identity on the ride of success and failure. We allow our accomplishments to determine our value, and we base our self-worth on the roles we play in society. But what happens when we can no longer operate in those roles? Are we still valuable? Are we still loved?

Irina Fambro, in a recent conversation, shares that her identity has to be things that are untouched. She asks the question, "If you never fulfill your destiny, are you still mine? Are you still valuable?" These core factors, like being a daughter of the king, being loved, valued, and belonging, cannot be touched by what we do or by what other people say.

Our identity should not be determined by the roles we get to step into or the opportunities we have. Being a mom, a wife, a professor, a speaker, a consultant are just places where we get to partner with the Lord. They do not define who we are.

It's easier said than done to detach ourselves from our roles and accomplishments, but it's crucial in building an untouchable identity. We need to be aware of our tendency to place our identity on the ride of success and failure. We must not allow the opinions of others to shape who we are.

In her analogy, Irina shares about her "lot garden," where nobody else is coming in. It's her private space, where she can be her true self, and where her identity is not tied to her roles or accomplishments. People can affirm what God has already done in her life, but her identity remains between her and Him.

It's essential to build an untouchable identity that is grounded in our relationship with God. He loves us and values us, no matter what we do or how we perform. We need to find our worth in Him and not in the roles we play or the accomplishments we achieve. By doing so, we can find true freedom and security in our identity.

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