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Ep 97 God’s Design for Men & Women with Cristie Penn


The Importance of Communication and Understanding Differences in Relationships

Communication is an essential part of any healthy relationship. Without proper communication, misunderstandings can arise, leading to frustration and resentment. In a recent conversation between Cristie, Holly, and Nicole, they discuss how communication and understanding differences have helped their relationships thrive.

Cristie admits that she wasn't fully committed to her relationship and even asked God if she could leave if it didn't work out. However, by being obedient and trusting God, she was able to overcome her doubts and strengthen her relationship. Her partner suggested that they write a book about their experience to help others in similar situations.

During their conversation, Cristie also touches on the issue of emasculating men through lack of communication. She says that men don't like to be "mothered," and it's essential to learn what lenses they see through. Cristie's partner realized that he had been assuming that his partner was emasculating him because she thought he was stupid. However, they were able to overcome this by learning to communicate better and understand each other's perspectives.

Cristie also highlights the importance of understanding the differences between men and women. She notes that women are highly adaptable, and our bodies adapt unbeknownst to us. This adaptability allows us to completely adapt to situations and expect men to do the same. However, men are not created to be as adaptable as women. As a result, women often expect too much from men, leading to frustration and exhaustion.

The conversation ends with the realization that men and women have different strengths and weaknesses. Women are strong in communication and words, while men are physically stronger. It's crucial to understand these differences and not expect men and women to be the same.

In summary, proper communication and understanding differences are crucial in any relationship. By learning to communicate better and understanding each other's perspectives, we can overcome misunderstandings and strengthen our relationships. It's essential to appreciate and understand the differences between men and women and not expect them to be the same.

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