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The Unspoken Connection Between Infertility and Past Abortion

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As an abortion healing class facilitator, I have heard women struggling with infertility tell me, “I think I can’t conceive a baby because of the abortion I had when I was younger.” As one of the 1 in 4 women who has experienced abortion, I am painfully aware of information out there that attempts to link abortion to infertility. While every story and set of medical details is different, I don’t believe abortion necessarily leads to infertility. My focus is, however, on healing hearts rather than attempting to pin answers to the painful “why” questions that surround infertility. 

I am honored to have this opportunity to share my experience with abortion healing through this blog post. A special connection has been growing between  Twelve 12 Ministries and LovedMuch. 

What is LovedMuch? 

LovedMuch is a Christ-centered support group and healing curriculum for women seeking peace from a past abortion. We focus on providing compassionate support and resources to women and their families to help them find healing and freedom. 

LovedMuch came to be through an amazing God story when He brought both my ministry partner, Melissa Carney and her family from New York and my husband and I from Seattle to Houston Texas at the same time with the same vision to start an abortion healing ministry. We both had a Bible verse in mind for the ministry based on Luke 7:47 NKJV because she loved much who was forgiven much. We are passionate about removing the silence that often shrouds the abortion issue, leaving many wounded hearts in our communities and church pews mistaking the silence for shame. 

This issue is close to my heart. After a twenty-year journey of grief and regret over a medically advised abortion within the context of marriage of my second baby, I tried to find healing in my own strength without success. In 2018, God asked me to “write the story,” and in obedience I did just that, publishing a book in 2021. Read Natty’s Pond here.God has spurred us on to construct a safe place for women to find acceptance, love, and healing. I am passionate about connecting women to well-vetted resources, healing retreats, and programs designed to bring them out of silence and shame and into the freedom found in the light of Jesus. 

How to learn more about LovedMuch and abortion healing

In-person classes for LovedMuch are held in the North Houston are where meet in the evenings for 12 weeks to complete the curriculum together in a confidential and emotionally safe environment. Online classes are coming soon for 2024! 

Please share our information with anyone you know who may be hurting from a past abortion or scan the QR code to learn more. Our emails and phone numbers are published, and we’re always willing to talk to women and families 1:1 to point them in the best direction for resources (books, retreats, support groups and classes) in their area. 

We are here for you! Let’s connect. 





Jenny’s story (interview)

With twenty-four years in human resources and corporate employee benefits, Jenny served as an associate faculty member for the National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research for whom she presented nationally. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of California, Davis, where she remains active in her Phi Beta Kappa alumni chapter. In 2018 she co-authored a technical human resource textbook and published a memoir in 2021. A lifetime learner, Jenny enjoys traveling, mentoring within her church, and Bible journaling. She lived a lifetime in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and now lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and certifiably crazy Frenchie Pug. Visit Jenny at

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