Ep 99 God Has the Final Word: Dr. Katrina’s Story

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Have you ever been so focused on what you see in the natural that you lost sight of God? 

Dr. Katrina Gallagher has an incredible testimony about how God has the final word. 

As a teen, young Katrina was not having regular menstrual cycles. Her doctor put her on supplemental hormones to chemically induce her period at 19. As time went on, she began chiropractic school and learned about the disruption those supplemental hormones cause to natural hormone production. 

6 years into taking hormones, she made the decision to stop. 3 years went on, and she was still not having a natural cycle. At this time, Dr. Katrina immersed herself in church and started seeking the Lord in a deeper, more intentional way. She began to notice that many of her chiropractic patients were seeing breakthroughs in their fertility journey.

Dr. Katrina’s husband, Corey is also a chiropractor, so she decided to start getting adjusted on a regular basis, along with eating a clean diet of foods that supported hormone production. In seeking the Lord, she began hearing ‘by His stripes I am healed’. She knew that God was working on her body, and hope was being planted in her heart.

Listen to the podcast today to hear Dr. Katrina’s story of how that hope grew and what seemed impossible in the natural became reality through God’s grace.

Dr. Katrina now owns a chiropractic & nutrition center for women and children, and is helping thousands overcome infertility and experience extraordinary lives.

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